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James Dulley's Free Virtual Greeting Cards

Sending a card is easy with James Dulley's Free Virtual Greeting Card page. Just follow the instructions at each step along the way. I also want to let you know that the cards are stored in a non-indexed directory so only you and the recipient will know how to find the card. This directory is secure from spammers, so you can send your card knowing you will not end up on any junk mail lists.

After you have completed the card, you will be shown a preview. If you do not like your card, you may edit it and then send it, or just cancel the request. The recipient will receive e-mail with a link to find your greeting card.

STEP #1: Choose a Picture
Please select a picture from the list below using the little Radio Button selector. You may only pick one picture per card. If you want to see a full size image of a picture, just click on it. You might want to do that before filling in any information on this page, just so you do not risk losing your work after returning from viewing the image.
Happy Birthday!
Do you know somebody who has a birthday coming up? This silly dog offers his own gift to the birthday person. Priced right too! Tight for time? No problem. Your gift will arrive in just minutes anyplace on Earth.
Merry Christmas!
Why send out traditional Christmas cards when you can use Dulley's free e-greetings that save money, time and paper. These cards are just as good, if not better once you add your favorite Christmas tune.
Get well soon!!
Sick friend or relative? Help them get well and feel better with this card. They just might try attaching the toilet roll to their head too and then you'll get a good laugh! Let the patient know that they are thought of and cared for.
Please Forgive Me
The perfect way to say your sorry. Who can resist this cute little guy and his bouquet of flowers? And in bright yellow too this card is a guaranteed "apology accepted."
Bad hair day? (#1)
Send our bad hair day greeting card to someone having a bad day. This crazy cat is sure to cheer up anyone. Why not, no one's hair could look worse than his!
Bad Day Gone Worse
Sometimes people just have that sort day. Nothing goes right for them and then to top it off they hit every red light on the way home. Make them feel better with this "it could have been worse" scenario.
Need a Break?
Is someone you know stressed out or overwhelmed? Help them blow off a little steam with this Stress Reduction Kit. It's hilarious and it can really work!
Just chill out
Stressed out? Help someone relax, calm down and just chill out with this crazy card. Along with the frantic music this one is sure to make them laugh and release a little stress.
I miss you
Missing a significant other, close friend or relative? Let them know by sending a virtual greeting card from Dulley's site. This lip stick wearing monkey will show them exactly how you feel.
Obsessed with Reality TV
If you or someone you know has an obsession with reality television this is the perfect choice. This humorous chicken card makes fun of the recent reality craze that has hit the country. From The Real World to The Chicken's World, reality TV has come a long way.
Congratulations on your new baby (#1)
Here is the perfect choice for a friend or family member that has recently added to their nest. Send this funny online greeting card to help share in their joy. You can also show them incorrect usage of a car seat!
Congratulations on your new baby (#2)
Another way to say congratulations on your new baby. This cute cowboy will show new parents just what they have to look forward to for years to come.
Thank you (#1)
Send a little thank you to someone who has done something special for you, or send a card for no reason at all! E-greeting cards are a great way to say thank you.
Thank you (#2)
A little more romantic way to say thanks to that someone special. These two cuties will bring a smile to anyone's face.
Congratulations on your new job
Wow! Your new job sounds great! Let them know how proud you are of them for landing that new job.
Happy Father's Day!
It's dad's day to relax and do whatever he wants - no chores! Send your father a free greeting card to let him know he is loved! Dad's can be next to impossible to shop for so why not just send a thoughtful note?
Things can only look up!
Having one of those days can really bring a person down. Why not pick them up with the stuck little guy? He's cute and cuddly, and best of all, he can relate to someone's bad day.
Wedding bells are ringing
Just Married! Here's another opposites attract greeting card. Send this to the newlyweds and you are sure to get a laugh from them.
Happy Mother's Day!
Do you know somebody who has a birthday coming up? This silly dog offers his own gift to the birthday person. Priced right too! Tight for time? No problem. Your gift will arrive in just minutes anyplace on Earth.
Love your cuddly new pet
Did someone just get a new pet? Show them how much you like it by sending this little piggy! They will be glad they chose the pet they did after getting a look at him.
I love you
They say opposites attract! Show your opposite you love them by sending this cute dog and cat greeting. Let these two lovebirds say it all for you.
I know you like pets, but ....
Big ones, little ones, tall ones, small ones how many types of dogs do you have? I know you are a dog lover, but this is taking it a bit far.
Congratulations on your new home
Got a friend that just go a new house? I am sure the move has taken some energy and enthusiasm out of them. Send them this e-greeting to put a smile back on their face.
Send a simple but meaningful sunset to someone grieving. Let them know you are there for them if they need anything.
Happy Easter!
Let your friends and family know you are thinking of them at Easter. These two cute guys are all dressed in their Easter best, ears and all.
Happy Thanksgiving
This little turkey will bring a smile to everyone's face on Thanksgiving. He is certainly a patriotic little guy. Let your friends and family know you are thinking of them.
Happy Halloween
This little cat is getting fitted for his halloween costume as a lion. He doesn't look too happy about it. Send a card to your friends to get them in the spirit of Halloween. I bet they will enjoy their costume more than this little guy.
Happy Holiday!
Know someone who has a pet they treat like a member of the family? Send them this card so they don't forget about their special little guy/gal during the holiday festivities.

STEP #2: Name and E-mail Information
In the boxes below, please enter both your's and the recipient's name and e-mail addresses.


Your Name:
Your E-Mail Address:
Recipient's Name:
Recipient's E-Mail Address:

STEP #3: Select Your Text and Background Colors
Using the two selector pulldowns below, please select your text and background colors. The script will not check to see if you have both colors set the same, so if you want your recipient to be able to read the card, please select two different colors!


STEP #4: Enter Your Title & Message
In the box below, please enter your message. Please feel free to use HTML to express yourself!
Card Title
Your Message

STEP #5: Sign Your Card!
Please fill in below, how you would like to sign your card. Examples would be:
  • Love, Snookums
  • Best Wishes, Fred
  • Me!

STEP #6: Pick a Song!
Please fill in below, how you would like to sign your card. Examples would be:
Please make a selection or skip this step for no music.

STEP #7: Proceed to Preview or Start Over
You are now ready to preview your card! To do so, just click on the Preview Your Free Card button below. If you want to clear the form and start all over, select Start-over. Your card will not be sent until you press the Send-Card button on the preview screen.