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James Dulley
Do-It-Yourself Fix-It Projects

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Click on any of the project topics below to read step-by-step procedures on how to do the project. These are text-only tips so that they load quickly into you browser with minimal hard drive space requirements.

Fix-it #101 - How to unstop clogged drains, toilets and sewers

Fix-it #102 - Tips and ideas that make painting easier

Fix-it #103 - How to repair downspouts and gutters

Fix-it #104 - How to correct common paint problems

Fix-it #105 - How to work with plastic piping

Fix-it #106 - How to put up gutters and downspouts

Fix-it #107 - How to replace paneling

Fix-it #108 - How to apply asphalt shingles

Fix-it #109 - How to patch and repair plasterboard walls