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Detailed Homeowner Guide Sections

I have included several detailed informational guides in my web site and I will continually add new ones. These contain more detailed information on specific projects and common products found in many homes.

Deck Maintenance and Building Guide
Learn how to maintain your deck and how to layout and build a deck.

Common Painting Troubleshooting Guide
This section lists 22 common indoor and 22 common exterior paint problems, their causes and how to correct or avoid the same problem in the future.

Do-It-Yourself Weekend/Fix-it Projects
This section lists 17 different do-it-yourself projects for around your home. Some projects relate to fixing things and others are just interesting weekend projects. This list is constantly growing.

DIY Appliance/HVAC Maintenance Guides
This section lists do-it-yourself tips for maintaining and using10 major kitchen, heating and cooling appliances in your home. This keeps them running efficiently with a longer life.

Fireplace Usage, Safety, Wood Selector Guides
This section lists many tips for using your fireplace safely and background information about selecting and using various types of fireplaces efficiently.

American Hardwood Species Selector Guide
This section lists 20 types of American hardwood - general characteristic, color and grain appearance, working properties, physical properties, availabilty, main uses and a glossary of hardwood terms.

Plant/Landscaping Selector Guide
This section lists hundreds of plants listing the type, flower color, blooming season, light requirements, propagation, width, height, hardiness zone, fertility and soil type requirements. There will eventually be over 1,000 plants listed.

House Insulation Tips and Quantity Guide
This section lists many tips for insulating your house. It also includes a map of the U.S. and a table shows the amount of attic, wall, floor and crawl space insulation recommended for each area.