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Top 10 Most Popular Update Bulletins

The following 10 Update Bulletins have been downloaded the most by my readers. Click on the three-digit Update Bulletin code to read the entire column and see the related illustration.

Homeowner Benefits? - These are the potential benefits that a typical homeowner will realize by following the tips or by installing the home-related products that are discussed in this column.

312 - New heat pumps eliminate that chilly feeling and lower utility bills
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of the 21 most efficient, comfortable heat pumps, capacities, compressor types, output levels, blower speeds, efficiencies (HSPF and SEER), warranties, illustration and description of how a scroll compressor works, heat pump maintenance suggestions and a payback chart.
Homeowner Benefits:Lower electric bills, greater heat and cooling output efficiency

421 - Mini-split ductless central air conditioners, heat pumps for efficiency, comfort
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 10 ductless mini-split air conditioners/heat pump systems, cooling outputs (SEER), heating outputs (HSPF), efficiency ratings, comfort features, zones available, illustrations of several models, typical installations and a chart on how much you will save by installing a mini-split system.
Homeowner Benefits: Install whole-house air-conditioning without ducts, zone cool home

429 - DIY kits to get hot water to bathroom faucets in seconds
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of seven manufacturers of quick-delivery hot water kits showing types of controls (timer, demand button, remote controls), prices, installation instructions, detailed product descriptions, illustrations, and six manufacturers of tiny point-of-use electric water heaters showing water capacities, first hour hot water ratings and sizes.
Homeowner Benefits:Get hot water to any bathroom faucet in seconds, cut water and heating bills

485 - Generate your own electricity with a windmill for house, boat, RV
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 10 portable and whole-house windmills, rated power output, voltage output, sizes (includes weight, number of blades and rotor diameter), start up wind speed, rated wind speed, features, prices and a wind speed chart for 116 cities. Specifications and information are listed for selected models and siting and tower recommendations.
Homeowner Benefits: Free electricity during power outages, generates electricity continuously, lowers electric bills, sell excess electricity to utility company, good for environment

678 - Tankless water heaters for endless showers, energy savings
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 16 manufacturers (60 models) of gas and electric instantaneous water heaters showing model names/numbers, voltage required, hot water flow rates at various temperatures for comparison, features including controls, sizes, sizing flow rate chart and illustrations of unique models.
Homeowner Benefit:Unlimited hot water for morning showers, reduced water heating costs

698 - Super-efficient two-stage and modulating gas furnaces save money
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 19 super-efficient gas (and propane) furnaces listing efficiencies, type of blower and speeds, number of heating stages, warranties, comfort features, chart to determine the annual savings, a size-estimating chart, and detailed illustrations of several models.
Homeowner Benefits:Improve comfort, cut heating bills in half, improve indoor air quality

723 - New1 geothermal heat pumps for lowest utility bills, best comfort
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 14 single and multilevel geothermal heat pump manufacturers (26 models) listing efficiencies (cooling-EER, heating-COP), output levels, blower speeds, types (loop or DX), features, freon/R410A, many illustrations, closed loop earth coupled applications with descriptions and diagrams and a fuel cost comparison chart.
Homeowner Benefits:Lower utility bills year-round, more heat and cooling output, very quiet

760 - Whole-house voltage surge suppressor protects entire house
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of the 13 best whole-house and plug-in surge suppressor manufacturers showing model names/numbers, design types, mounting methods, speed of surge reaction times, max. surge power each can handle, clamping voltage, unique features, many prices and illustrations of many whole-house and pont-of-use models.
Homeowner Benefits:Eliminate damage to electronic equipment, computers, TV's, etc.

888 - Electric warm floor radiant heating is comfortable, easy-to-install
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of nine electric warm floor systems for bathroom or any room showing descriptions of the design types, sizes of the mat, cable, films, etc., heating wattage outputs per foot length or sq. foot, automatic/thermostatic comfort controls, illustrations of many design types, and connection and under-tile installation instructions.
Homeowner Benefits: Excellent comfort, low installation cost, do-it-yourself installation, good indoor air quality

921 - New central A/C models save money, the ozone layer with better comfort
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of the most efficient modulating and two-stage central air conditioners listing type of refrigerant used, cooling output ranges, SEER efficiency ratings, type of compressor design, comfort features, warranties, tips for selecting a quality air-conditioning dealer, description and an illustration of how a scroll compressor works, savings/payback chart, and info on the new thermostats.
Homeowner Benefits: Lower electric bills, higher cooling output on hot afternoons, quieter operation, more comfortable and better dehumidification.

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