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American Hardwood Species Selection Guide*

Select hardwood species

This guide lists useful information about 20 common types of American hardwood. The following information is provide on each specie of hardwood listed -

  • Color Photos - shown with grain and across grain
  • Distribution - geographic areas in the U.S. where this type of wood is grown
  • General Description - color, appearance of grain, etc.
  • Working Properties - how well it can be machines and turned on a lathe, accepts screws and nails, glues, accepts paint, etc.
  • Physical Properties - strength, stiffness, shock resistance, etc.
  • Availability - whether it is available as lumber and/or dimensional stock
  • Main Uses - typical end uses of the wood species - furniture, cabinets, floors, shutters, etc.

Glossary of hardwood terms

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* Information is provided by the Hardwood Information Center.

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