Ms. Builder Word Search

Helpful Tips on Using Word Search

1) Be specific at first. Type in several keywords (separated by spaces) that describe the topic that you are searching for. There are hundreds of columns and lists in the search directory. If you type in only one keyword, it may find more matches than you care to read through.

2) If the search does find any pages which include the search keywords, then eliminate a keyword so that the search is less specific. With all the columns and lists in my site, you will eventually find some matches.

3) I would not recommend using the OR keyword connector because you will get too many matches to be useful.

Note: If you just clicked the "BACK" button after doing a search and some of the text is missing from the search table below, just click on the "RELOAD" or "REFRESH" button at the top of screen. This will make all the text reappear in the table for another search.

Keywords to Search For (separate words with a space):
Keyword Connector: Case