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Sports and Hamper Racks

With spring cleaning just around the corner allow Perfect Curve, the leader in organizational products to aid in putting things where they belong. The new SportsRack will organize and store your sports equipment without any hassle. The new SportsRack can be hung behind any door in homes or dorms and features adjustable straps to shorten and heighten the length. The adjustable straps allow children of any age to reach for their equipment in an instant. This durable and spacious rack can fit up to five soccer balls and features an easy to use closure button to take your equipment out or tighten the bag to keep your equipment safe. Nearly perfect for all sports and hobbies, the SportsRack will make playing games and attending practices easier.

Hamper Rack is the easiest and most convenient hamper system to store and sort clothes before it goes into the washing machine. The Hamper Rack’s features will help anyone get their dirty laundry organized and ready for washing before they head to the laundry room. The two high- strength mesh hamper bags each hold over a load of wash and each bag easily attaches on and off the two hooks for easy mobility. Each Hamper Rack comes with two large mesh hamper bags, has two adjustable hooks, hangs over a door, has a closure button to open and close the bags securely, and requires no assembly whatsoever. There are no more excuses to be said for throwing your clothes on the floor and creating a mess.

With the new Hamper Rack, a couple can also easily separate each other’s clothes for the dry cleaner without having to pile up the clothes in a corner or on a chair.Children and teens can use it help separate the lights from the darks.Or it can help conveniently separate machine washable clothing from dry cleaning or hand washables. The convenient mesh bags allow air to circulate and avoid odors or moisture from accumulating. You just decide on which door the Hamper Rack belongs and everything else will be a breeze. For families who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the laundry room separating the lights from the darks or simply do not have space for a traditional hamper, the Hamper Rack is the simplest solution for organizing all the dirty clothes in a perfect spot.

$15.00 - available at www.homedepot.com as well as www.perfectcurve.com

Web Site - www.perfectcurve.com

Price - $15.00

Telephone number - (617) 224-1600

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