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Bernzomatic Quickfire Torch

The new BernzOmatic QUICKFIRE® handheld torch combines a strikingly compact profile with an instant on/off QUICK-Start Trigger and precision-adjustable flame for 30% faster soldering time. The visual appearance of the new QUICKFIRE Torch is what trade professionals and serious Do-It-Yourselfers will notice first, bringing to mind the look of a cordless drill, more than a traditional torch.

With a 40% height reduction, the QUICKFIRE’s architecture adds maneuverability and control in tight spaces, plus stability when the torch is set down. Its high-intensity adjustable swirl flame delivers the highest heat output in this category of handheld torches, providing a hotter, more efficient flame for faster and more precise soldering. QUICKFIRE’s new QUICK-CONNECT fuel cylinder is instantly secured with only a quarter turn and uses Max Power Propylene fuel, which is twenty percent hotter and faster than propane fuel. One cylinder provides fuel to solder 200 fittings—enough to plumb an entire house. The new QUICKFIRE torch is available in all major home center channels with a

Price - MSRP of $69.99, and replacement QUICK-CONNECT cylinders are priced at $7.47.

Web site - www.bernzomatic.com

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