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Cordzilla Secure Line

The new stretch rope is available in 3-foot, 4-foot and 5-foot lengths and features a bungee encased in a flexible polypropylene rope, making Cordzilla the Godzilla of bungees. Each end of Cordzilla features an extra strong steel hook that easily attaches to most roof racks, truck beds or boat trailers to help keep items safe and secure.

The steel hooks are vinyl coated to help prevent scratching. Each hook features a security clip made of anodized aluminum to prevent rusting. Cordzilla is the newest addition to the SecureLine™ by Lehigh. Rated at a safe working load of 400 pounds, the heavier gauge steel hooks and rope sheath makes Cordzilla stronger than most bungees and less prone to cord breaks or to hooks becoming disengaged. Due to the limited length of traditional bungee cords, covering any span of space often requires attaching multiple cords together, increasing the chance that any one of the hooks could disengage and lead to an unstable load.

Cordzilla's selection in longer lengths - more - CORDZILLA/Page 2 makes it easier to match the right stretch rope to the task at hand. Each length of Cordzilla is color-coded and includes a nylon hook and loop storage strap. The bright colors include green (3 foot), yellow (4 foot), orange (5 foot) and a 3-foot camouflage stretch rope for sportsmen. Not only do the colors look great, they can also easily be seen to ensure the load hasn't shifted when transporting objects.

Cordzilla also features two slidable, protective foam sleeves that can be moved to fit over valued possessions like table corners that might otherwise get scratched. The rubber foam sleeves stay firmly in place, keeping the rope inside the sleeves in place helping to eliminate abrasion.

Price - 3ft: $14.99, 4ft $17.99, 5ft $19.99

Web site - www.lehighgroup.com

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