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Eureka Envirovac

I use one in my own home. The Eureka envirovac is the ideal vacuum for consumers looking to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing a clean home. It uses just 960 watts of energy an hour, as opposed to the 1,440 watts of energy used per hour by the standard upright vacuum, which means less energy is produced to run the vacuum and less harmful emissions are created. The envirovac is launching exclusively at Walmart and on www.walmart.com.

Created to save energy, envirovac's energy-saving 8-amp motor provides the same powerful cleaning results while using 33 percent less energy* than the usual 12-amp motor. The average American household vacuums about one hour per week using a 12-amp motor. If only a quarter of the 100 million households in the U.S. used envirovac, 6.25 million kilowatt hours of energy would be saved and the annual reduction in harmful CO2 emissions would be equivalent to keeping 855 cars off the road for a full year.

Reuse. Envirovac's washable HEPA filter captures 99.97 percent of dust, allergens and small particles and helps maintain a cleaner home. Consumers can wash and reuse the filter multiple times, for a more environmentally friendly option that is also easy to maintain.

Recycle. Eureka's commitment to creating a "greener" vacuum goes beyond the unit itself - envirovac is packaged in 100 percent recycled, unbleached cardboard to further reduce its impact on the earth. These compact packages encase and protect the vacuum using eco-friendlier materials and are designed to maximize transportation efficiency.

Clean. Eureka knows that "greener" cleaning should also be thorough cleaning. To help reach the dirt and crumbs that collect each week in hard-to-clean areas, envirovac features the exclusive Power Paw™ with Riser Visor™ power brush - a unique tool designed to tackle stairs, upholstery and stubborn pet hair. Its flip-top hood cleans vertically and horizontally, reducing awkward sideways or upside-down positions. In addition, envirovac features a bottom-empty dust cup for easy maintenance, and an upholstery and dusting brush and an extra-long crevice tool and wand to reach dirt in corners, on furniture and along baseboards. The air power is 123.37.

Web Site - www.eureka.com

Price - $72.22

Telephone number - (800) 282-2886

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