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Flexisnake Drain Clog Cleaner

The patent pending FlexiSnake™ Hair Clog Tool snags drain hair like magic! . If you have a slow bathtub drain or a clogged sink drain, it's likely that hair has accumulated around the drain stopper.. Chemical drain cleaners are not effective on these types of slow running or stopped up drains. Tip: If you notice water backing up into the sink bowl or tub soon after turning on the water, then the blockage is located near the drain opening - and that's just the type of drain problem that FlexiSnake was designed to fix! FlexiSnake is quick and easy to use. In just seconds your drain will be running freely once again. No need to crawl under the sink to disassemble the trap. Just slide FlexiSnake into the drain opening, twist and pull. It's fast, it's safe and it's inexpensive-why use anything else!

Web site - www.flexisnake.com

Online price - $2.95

Telephone number - (309) 274-3160


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