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LG Air Cool Premier Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Note - I just installed a 9.000 Btuh model in my own bedroom to test it. The above photos are from my master bedroom and the of the outdoor unit. It works great and is very quiet.

LG’s new High Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rated (SEER) Art Cool wall-mounted models have industry-leading SEER ratings built into a new, elegantly styled model that allows for increased airflow throughout the room. The 12K BTU/h offers SEER up to 26 and the 9K model offers up to 28 SEER, contributing to the unmatched power of LG’s most recent addition to the Art Cool Family.

The new addition to the Art Cool family has been improved with an optimized 4-way swing airflow, allowing for a 6-step vertical vane, 5-step horizontal louver and a 16° horizontal current disperse air effectively in any environment. It also offers powerful heating options, with up to 39ft of powerful airflow and a 70° vertical airflow to compliment the new three-column heat exchanger, which uses tubes of varying diameter to reduce loss of heat and dramatically enhance the heating power.

LG engineers have also redesigned the fan, increasing size by 25% while adding a 15° angle to the blades to reduce surface pressure, reducing noise levels and causing the model to operate incredibly quietly. At its lowest, LG’s newest Art Cool resounds at only 17dB, far lower than the ambient noise in an average library. Complementing the unobtrusive noise levels is an innovative design featuring a honeycomb air inlet across the top and an LED display on the right, combining high style with high-powered technology for an elegant solution with industry-leading efficiency.

The Bedfan is capable of moving up to 100 Cubic Feet of air each minute but can be dialed down to create an incredibly gentle wafting breeze as well. The unit comes with a compact "Speed Controller" dial that can be placed under the pillow or on a bedside table allowing for full control of the airflow rate. The Bedfan is a breeze to use and install, and is designed for an extremely long service life. Most fans, like a ceiling fan, circulate air around the room and keep the covers on a bed cooler. Up to now, many people used oscillating fans or rigged-up clip-on fans to combat the heat problem. But the Bedfan is the only fan specifically designed to deliver the cool flow of air right where it is needed. If a couple finds that one sleeps hotter than the other, the hotter sleeper can use a Bedfan to keep himself or herself cooler without interrupting the partner's sleep.

Web Site - www.lg-dfs.com

Telephone number - (800) 865-3026

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