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"Patio Pal" Takes Guesswork Out Of Brick Laying

It could be considered the "quick brick" way of laying out a new patio or pathway - and it is a foolproof way for homeowners to do the job in a professional manner. The Patio Pal Brick Laying Guide is an easy-to-use, template that assures proper alignment of brick or block rows and requires no mixing of cement. The unique design enables a user to construct a brick pathway, patio or driveway simply, professionally and affordably.

HOW DOES "PATIO PAL" WORK? Once a chosen area has been measured, framed with wood and leveled with sand, the interlocking Patio Pal sections are laid in place. Then the bricks are simply placed in the template sections to ensure proper spacing and positioning, virtually eliminating errors. A quick topping of commercial sand or dry mortar spread over the top and between the bricks and then a brief misting of water secures the bricks in place.

Ideal for the professional or the weekend do-it-yourselfer, the patented Patio Pal is available in four different sizes to accommodate any choice of brick. The sturdy templates allow for several unique brick patterns designs. The Patio Pal blocks out any weed growth between the bricks, yet still allows for complete drainage.

Web Site - www.argeecorp.com

Price - $9.95 for 10 pals - approx 20 sq. ft.

Telephone number - (800) 449-3030

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