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ProTool Work Sharp Tool Sharpener

The WORK SHARP™ WS2000 is a ground-breaking sharpener and grinder for both automotive mechanics and do-it-yourselfers with the sharpening power needed to restore a sharp edge on a broad array of tools. Tool users are faced with several common problems associated with sharpening hand tools: inconsistent results, not grinding the proper edge, unable to keep bevel edges square, and overheating the tool, which are all solved by the new WS2000. The WORK SHARP™ will sharpen a large range of common blade tools including chisels, screwdrivers, putty knives, gasket scrapers, axes, and other blade tools and is backed by a two-year warranty. WORK SHARP™ is the latest sharpener from Professional Tool Manufacturing – the same company that makes the genuine Drill Doctor® drill bit sharpener, which to date has sold over two and a half million sharpeners. WS2000 comes with a double-sided Edge-Vision™ slotted wheel which allows you to see the cutting edge as you sharpen. This breakthrough in sharpening technology provides the user with optimum control, visibility, and versatility.

Web site - www.worksharptools.com

Online price - $129.00

Telephone number - (800) 597-6170


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