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Snow Joe Ultra Electric Snow Blower

Snow Joe's two dependable electric snow throwers are convenient and easy-to-use. Since no gas is needed, electric snow throwers give the peace-of-mind of always being ready to use, even if snow arrives unexpectedly.

Snow Joe® Ultra - With the power normally associated with a smaller gas unit and the convenience of an electric machine, Ultra moves up to 800 pounds of snow per minute with its 13-amp motor. A scraper blade at its base reaches snow clear to the pavement, while a 180-degree adjustable discharge chute controls the direction and height of the snow stream. Ultra sells for $249. ·

Snow Joe® Plus - Alleviating much of the strain and fatigue involved in clearing light snowfall from steps, patios and sidewalks, Plus weighs just 12.5 pounds and features an adjustable back-saving handle and ergonomic curve design that makes snow removal a breeze. Its 7.5 amps of power launches snow up to 20 feet, clearing a path 12 inches wide and up to four inches deep, and moves up to 300 pounds of snow per minute. Easy-to-use with a price of just $99, it makes a great gift for new homeowners, seniors or singles.

Web Site - www.snowjoe.com

Telephone number - (866) 766-9563

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