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Gorilla Super Glue

The most common complaint among Super Glue users today is that the bond is brittle, so repairs don’t last. No one likes to do the same job twice. Adding further to the frustration is the short shelf life the glue has after it’s been opened.

The Gorilla Glue Company has big plans to improve user satisfaction with the introduction of Gorilla Super Glue Impact-Tough Formula. The unique formula provides built-in shock resistance that allows glued surfaces to “give” while holding tight. Still the bond is instant -- Gorilla Super Glue sets up in just 20 – 40 seconds. “There is a chemical reason traditional super glue bonds don’t hold,” says Dr. David Dunn, a research chemist involved in the development of the new Gorilla Impact Tough formula. “When cyanoacrylates, (the technical name for super glue), dry, they don’t flex, so any movement or stress on the glued item causes the bond to crack at the glue line.”

Gorilla Glue’s new professional strength formula contains tiny rubber particles that give it impact resistance strength to reduce the chance of the repair breaking when the object is bumped or dropped. The formula is thicker than conventional super glues, so it won’t run when applied, making it easier to use and control than most other super glues, especially on vertical surfaces


Web Site - www.gorillatough.com

Price - $4.99

Telephone number - (800) 966- 3458.

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