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Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler

Often called “black gold,” compost is arguably the single most important organic additive for the vegetable garden. Compost is full of the macro and micronutrients plants need to grow vigorously and fend of disease, and it helps to suppress weeds and aids in water retention. By composting kitchen scraps and yard and garden waste, home gardeners not only save money by creating their own soil conditioner at home, they also prevent recyclable waste residuals from going to landfills.

For a more convenient way to compost, consider using a tumbler. The Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler by Clear Air Gardening is a good example of how tumblers work to produce great compost. The Tumbleweed holds 58 gallons worth of kitchen scraps and yard and garden waste. When full and finished breaking down, each batch contains enough compost for a medium sized garden or flowerbed, or a 10' x 10' area of lawn.

Unlike typical tumblers, the Tumbleweed features a stainless steel rod running through the middle of the bin that helps break down materials even more quickly than tumblers without a rod.The twist-lock, animal resistant lids on each end makes filling and emptying the compost tumbler simple. Built in vents allow rainwater to drain easily, keeping your compost moist, aerated and odorless. The end result is organic, nutrient rich compost in as few as 21 days. All that’s required is a daily spin of the tumbler. For more information, visit www.cleanairgardening.com

Web Site - www.cleanairgardening.com

Price - $189.99

Telephone number - (214) 819-9500

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