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Main paint problem list

Interior problem
Poor Scrub Resistance

Poor Scrub Resistance: Wearing away or removal of the paint film when scrubbed with a brush, sponge or cloth.

Possible Cause:

Choosing the wrong sheen for the area.

Use of a lower quality paint.

Use of an overly aggressive scrub medium (see Burnishing).

Inadequate dry time allowed after application of the paint before washing it.

Solution: Areas that need frequent cleaning require a high quality paint formulated to provide such performance. High traffic areas may require a semigloss or gloss paint rather than a flat paint to provide good scrub resistance. Allow adequate dry time, as scrub resistance will not fully develop until the paint is thoroughly cured. Typically, this will be one week. Try washing the painted surface with the least abrasive material and mildest detergent first.