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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1015

Set the power saver switch on your refrigerator door

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Check your refrigerator to make sure the power energy-saver switch is set so that the heaters by the door gaskets are turned off. On most refrigerators, these small heaters are used to warm the uninsulated door gasket area. It tends to get cold there because the gasket does not provide much insulation value.

These heaters are designed to stop condensation and mold growth. If you air-condition in the summer and keep the indoor humidity at the proper level, these heaters are generally not needed. In unusually hot humid weather or whenever you see condensation forming, you may switch the heaters on, but do not forget to switch them off again when it is less humid.

The words by the switch can sometimes be confusing. It is difficult to tell if "on" means the heaters are on or the energy-saving feature (heaters off) is on. Check your owner's manual to be sure. You may also be able to feel the sheet metal near the gaskets to tell if the heaters are one.