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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1027

Move refrigerator away from the wall

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During the summer, the load on your refrigerator/freezer compressor is greatest. Your family generally drinks more cold drinks from the refrigerator section and uses more ice from the freezer section. The air temperature in the kitchen is also warmer in the summer, so the condenser coils transfer heat less effectively.

You should slide the refrigerator out a couple of inches farther from the wall. This will allow a freer flow of air through the condenser coils for better efficiency and greater cooling capacity. It also allows the heat from the compressor to dissipate faster.

Most refrigerators are inefficiently tucked away under cabinets or in an area with very little natural cooling air flow. Even worse many are located near a heat producing gas or electric range. If so, slide it as far as possible away from the range. Even an extra several inches will help to reduce the heat transfer from the range and also allow for even more air flow.