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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1040

Check water pressure if faucet drips

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If your faucets tend to leak and replacing the washer seal stops the leak for only a short time, then your either have too high a water pressure in your area or the washer seal seat has corroded or has hard water buildup on it. An easy way to find out if the water pressure is too high is to check with your neighbors. If they are experiencing similar problems, then you will probably have to install a pressure-reducing valve.

If they are not having similar problems, check the condition of the washer seat next time you change the washer. If it is corroded or dirty, it will quickly destroy the new washer after a few uses. The tighter you turn the faucet handle to stop the leak, the quicker the washer gets eaten up. Inspect the seat and clean it or replace it if necessary. This will cut your water bills.