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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1044

Make your fire starters

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Tip Contributor: Howard Schechter

It is always hard to get a fire started in the fireplace. You can buy fire starters, but why? Howard's tip tells you how to make them yourself from recycled waste materials (good for the environment too - way to go Howard!).

My daughter and I make free, excellent fire starters as follows:


candle stubs
dryer lint (from the filter)
cardboard egg cartons
a clean can from the recycling bin

Process: At a low heat, carefully melt a can of candle stubs. Stuff wadded up dryer lint into the egg holder spaces. Carefully pour melted wax over the dryer lint and into the egg holder spaces. Let it cool. Cut the egg carton into 12 fire starters & store in a basket near the fireplace tools.

Dulley Note: I suggest that you store the finished fire starters in a covered metal container for fire safety, especially around children. An old one-gallon paint can will work great.

To Use: Put 1 waxed, dry lint filled, egg carton egg holder into the fireplace under the grate. Light it with a match so the fire feeds up into the kindling and the wood. Works great and finally I can stop wasting all that dryer lint!