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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1046

Patch hole in drywall yourself

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I've read many tips on how to patch holes in wallboard, but none that can be done as quickly and easily as the one that I have used many times. In some cases, you can even paint the repaired area the same day!

Step 1: Measure the size of the damaged area. Let's say the damage measures 4 by 6 inches. Add 2 inches to the longest side and make the other side the same length. In this case the patch needs to be 8 inches square.

Step 2: Measure and cut out the square piece of the old wallboard [8 by 8] cutting at about a 45 degree angle on each side. The angle doesn't have to be exact.

Step 3: Now cut your patch to the same dimensions as the damaged piece of wallboard and at about the same 45 degree angle on each side. Do a test fit and make any adjustments to the patch that are necessary to make it just slightly smaller than the hole in the wallboard.

Step 4: Wipe the beveled cut areas of both the wallboard and the patch with water to clean it and remove any dust. Wait several minutes and then apply an adhesive like Liquid Nails to both pieces. Now wait another 5 minutes and then bond the two pieces together.

Step 5: Now all you need to do to finish it is to spackle the area. If you cut your patch precisely, you probably won't even need tape because the patch is bonded completely to the wallboard. Use one or two coats of spackle, then finish with some sanding.