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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1052

Check condition and level of attic insulation

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Go up into your attic and check the level of insulation. Your local utility company can give you a recommendation of how many inches of insulation that your attic should have. The easiest type of insulation to add is unfaced fiberglass rolls. Roll them out across the rafters and push them close together to eliminate gaps. This covers the tops of the rafters and blocks any direct thermal leaks.

Be careful about using any old wall insulation with a vapor barrier on it. The vapor barrier will trap moisture inside the insulation. This can result in water condensation inside the insulation and very serious problems. If all you have is faced fiberglass wall insulation, take a sharp knife and slit the vapor barrier in many locations to let the moisture pass through. Do not try to pull the vapor barrier off. It is a mess and will let much fiberglass dust escape. Always wear breathing and eye protection when working with fiberglass insulation.