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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1054

How to reduce window condensation

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Window condensation is always a problem this time of year and I get many questions from readers about how to stop it. There are really only three ways to minimize window condensation. First, you can install new thermal replacement windows. Second, you can install good quality exterior storm windows. Third, you can reduce the humidity level indoors during very cold weather.

The typical family produces a lot of moisture indoors (washing, showers, cooking, just breathing, etc.) and it can be difficult to reduce it. The best method to control indoor humidity is with ventilation. Run range hood, kitchen and bathroom vent fans whenever you are using those rooms. The best solution is to install a whole-house heat recovery ventilation system. These save heat from the indoor air before it is exhausted outdoors and transfers this heat to the incoming fresh dry air. These systems also improve indoor air quality inside your home.