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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1068

Clean or replace furnace filter

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With the air-conditioning season upon us soon, it is time to clean or replace your furnace filter. This is particularly important when air-conditioning for two reasons. First, adequate air flow through the air-conditioning (evaporator} coils in the furnace blower unit is extremely important for efficient central air conditioner operation - more so than when heating with your furnace. A dirty filter will slow the air flow.

The air filter is not only important for keeping your indoor air clean, but is also keeps the air-conditioner coils clean. Again, this is more important when air-conditioning than when heating. When you are air-conditioning, the coils are damp and the dirt particles tend to stick and buildup an insulating layer. This reduces the effectiveness

You should consider installing, at least during the summer, one of the better air filters that cost several dollars more than the 99-cent blue fiberglass filters. Most hardware stores carry them.