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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1069

Use battery-powered lawn mower

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If your gasoline lawn mower is old and needs a tune-up, save your mony and buy a battery-operated mower. My home has a half-acre lot and I have used a rechargeable battery-operated lawn mower for the past five years. These mowers do not pollute the air or the ground from leaking oil and spilled gasoline.

Using a rechargeable mower can also save money. There is no gasoline, oil, spark plug and yearly tune-up required. This can save a lot over its life. The mower uses only about $5 worth of electricity per year. When you are done mowing, plug it in. Most models recharge over night.

Indirectly, I also save on my long distance telephone calls. Since the mower operates so quietly, I can hear my telephone ring so I do not have to return those expensive long distance calls from editors.

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