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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1073

Use old newspapers for mulch in your garden

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There are many ways to recycle your old newspapers that save money. They make great newspaper logs in the winter, but it is not safe to store the newspapers for months until next winter. Try using your newspapers in your garden as mulch. A layer of newspapers under your regular mulch can retard weed growth and help hold in moisture. The newspapers will degrade and become soil by next year.

Lay a five or six-sheet-thick layer of newspapers over the bare soil. Only use newspapers with black print - no glossy or colored inks. Overlap the edges a little to eliminate gaps. Cover the newspapers with a moderate layer of regular mulch to hide it. You will save on watering and mulch costs and time to weed the garden.

Note: Leave a few weeds for the baby animals to eat this time of year. Remember, baby rabbits love to eat the small new dandelion leaves.