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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1081

Insulate refrigerant lines from a/c

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It is a good idea to have pipe insulation on the refrigerant (freon) lines that come indoors from your central air conditioner or heat pump. These lines carry the cool freon that flows through the evaporator coils in the blower unit that cool your house air. Any "coolth" that is lost from the refrigerant lines means that less cooling output makes it into the blower and into the house air. The colder that the evaporator coils are (the ones in the blower unit), the greater the dehumidification for better comfort.

You can purchase pipe insulation at most hardware and home center stores. Some foam types are hollow tubes with a slit along the length so you can slip it over the pipes. Another type comes in narrow rolls. You wrap it on the pipes just like you would wrap a new leather grip on a tennis racket.