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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1082

Make sure registers are not blocked

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You can improve the comfort in a room without setting your air conditioner thermostat lower. Often when air-conditioning a room that is far from the furnace/heat pump blower, the cool air does not blow out with enough force to get off the floor. The air in the room stratifies with the cold air at the floor level and uncomfortably warm air above this where you are.

First, make sure none of the air registers are blocked by curtains or your furniture. If any of the registers are blocked and you cannot move the furniture, go to your hardware or home center store and purchase inexpensive air deflectors. These usually are attached to the register by magnets and they will direct the air under or upward past the furniture. Other "jet" design air delfectors, have a tapered opening size to speed up the air flow so that it circulates higher into the room.