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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1129

Proper direction to slant venetian blind slats

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If you have venetian blinds over your windows, the direction of the slats effects the heat loss (or gain in the summer) and drafts inside your home. In the winter, when the venetian blinds are closed, the slats, from top to bottom, should be slanted from indoors to outdoors. Make sure the venetian blinds are fully lowered so they touch the window sill.

Since the air between the cold window and the closed venetian blind is cooler than the room air, it will tend to drop. With the slats slanted as described above, this cool air will tend to stay behind the blinds. If the slats were slanted the other way, outdoors to indoors, the dropping cool air would be directed out into your room from between each slat.

In the summer, reverse the slant of the slats. The warmer air near the hot window will tend to rise.