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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1134

Don't have standing water in house

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It is important to reduce the amount of humidity inside your house if you air-condition in the summertime. Any standing water, usually in the kitchen or bathroom, continuously evaporates into the room air. Empty all coffee cups, plates, pans, etc. of any liquids. Don't forget a pitcher or bottle that you use to water your indoor plants.

Moisture in the air pushes up your electric bills for two reasons. First, you keep the humidity level reasonably low inside your house, you can be comfortable at a higher air conditioner thermostat setting. Each degree that you can raise the thermostat cuts your cooling costs from one to three percent. Second, some of the cooling capacity of your air conditioner is used just to draw moisture out of the air. If the air is not too humid, more of its capacity goes to cooling your house so it runs less.