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Dulley's Money-Saving Tip #1138

Clean drain with force of water from hose

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When a kitchen or bathroom sink drain gets clogged, you can usually unclog it yourself and save the expense of calling a plumber or buying or renting a snake. Do not try to use a liquid drain cleaner first. If it does not work, the drain cleaner can burn your hands if you try some other methods to open the clog.

Use a garden hose to try to blast out the clog. Attach the hose outside and run it indoor through a window or door. Remove the strainer over the drain and insert the end of a garden hose as far as possible into the drain. Pack wet rags around the hose and the drain opening. Turn the water on and off about five times and then pull out the hose. Hopefully the clog is clear. If not, try your liquid drain opener.