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30 General Topics Lists

Water Heating Topics

Click on the column headlines below to read the entire unedited columns and view the related illustrations. Most of my columns that you read in your newspaper or magazine have been edited due to space constraints.

Homeowner Benefits? - These are the potential benefits that a typical homeowner will realize by following the tips or by installing the home-related products that are discussed in this column.

429 - DIY kits to get hot water to bathroom faucets in seconds
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of seven manufacturers of quick-delivery hot water kits showing types of controls (timer, demand button, remote controls), prices, installation instructions, detailed product descriptions, illustrations, and six manufacturers of tiny point-of-use electric water heaters showing water capacities, first hour hot water ratings and sizes.
Homeowner Benefits:Get hot water to any bathroom faucet in seconds, cut water and heating bills

443 - Solar water heater kits are effective, easy to install
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 10 easy-to-install solar water heater kit manufacturers listing system types (active or passive), collector types (flat plate, evacuated tube), collector sizes, plumbing layouts, prices, illustrations and specifications of several models.
Homeowner Benefits: Lower your water heating costs, easy to install, tax credits in some states

458 - Air-condition your house while heating your water for free
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of comfort/efficiency devices - heat pump water heaters, whole-house geothermal/desuperheater units, dehumidifying heat pipes (with or without blowers), and other cooling/comfort devices, payback/savings tables and water heating efficiency tips.
Homeowner Benefits: Lower water heating bills, additional free house cooling in summer

490 - New gas and oil boilers for efficient, comfortable heat
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 13 super-efficient gas, propane and oil boilers, efficiency ratings, heating output capacities, dimensions, flue venting method (sealed, direct, natural), warranties, features, illustrations of several models, and a savings/payback chart.
Homeowner Benefits:For std. hot water and radiant floor heat, reduces heating bills, limitless hot water

511 - Tune up your water heater for lower utility bills
Update Bulletin Description
- Gas water heater troubleshooting guide, tips for mainting and using your water heater efficiently, water and energy conservation tips, diagram of common features of a gas water heater and a listing of high-output, efficient gas water heaters and heat trap fittings.
Homeowner Benefit: Reduce maintenance costs, evaluate repairman's estimates

647 - Electric waters offer never-leak warranty, more hot water
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 11 manufacturers (50 models) of super-efficient and never-leak electric water heaters, gallon capacities, energy factors, tank and parts warranties, insulation thickness, electronic safety/timer controls, a worksheet to estimate peak hour hot water demand and a savings/payback chart.
Homeowner Benefit: Cut water heating bills, more hot water, lifetime never-leak water heaters

678 - Tankless water heaters for endless showers, energy savings
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 16 manufacturers (60 models) of gas and electric instantaneous water heaters showing model names/numbers, voltage required, hot water flow rates at various temperatures for comparison, features including controls, sizes, sizing flow rate chart and illustrations of unique models.
Homeowner Benefit: Unlimited hot water for morning showers, reduced water heating costs

695 - Solar preheater for hot water heater is simple to build or buy complete
Update Bulletin Description
- Do-it-yourself instructions, diagrams and required materials list for making several designs of batch solar water heaters (one-tank batch heater, basic two-tank batch heater) and a plumbing schematic, diagrams of alternative designs of batch solar water heaters and a list of ready-to-use batch solar kits.
Homeowner Benefits: Lower your water heating costs, reduce pollution, easy to build

722 - Hot water dispensers are convenient, save time and money
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 10 hot water dispenser manufacturers listing storage tank capacity, tank dimensions, spout styles, faucet dispenser colors, electrical specification (wattage and voltage), thermostat range, features, prices, suggested uses for hot water dispensers; buyer's guide or bottled water coolers/heaters showing types, cabinet shapes, cabinet colors, hot tank specifications, cold reservoir specifications; suppliers of delivered bottled water and coolers, brands available, water types, sizes available, dispensers and features.
Homeowner Benefit: Quick convenient steaming water for cooking or coffee/tea, cut water heating bills

797 - Add months of swimming with a do-it-yourself solar pool heater kit
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 11 solar pool heating kits (and complete solar pool kit) showing collector materials for each model and mounting application, suggested mounting locations, dimensions of the various collectors available, unique features (warranties, controls, etc.) for each manufacturer, and charts, a map and worksheet to determine the correct system size required for your area of the country.
Homeowner Benefits: Extend swimming season, reduce water heating costs, cool water in summer

811 - New gas water heaters produce plenty hot water, save money
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of the seven most efficient gas water heater manufacturers (45 models) listing model numbers, gallon capacities, Energy Efficiency Factors, First Hour Ratings, insulation, tank warranties, parts warranties, type and thickness of insulation, and sizing worksheet and a worksheet to determine the payback for various efficiency models.
Homeowner Benefit: Reduced water heating bills, more hot water output

934 - Simple combination water/space heating systems save energy and money
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 16 manufacturers of combination integrated and modular water/air heating systems, new air handler units (single-room to whole-house sizes), super-efficient standard and high-output condensing design gas, oil and propane water heaters, heating and cooling capacities, features, size estimating chart and many illustrations of various models.
Homeowner Benefits: Lower space and water heating costs, less overall maintenance costs