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Recent readers' comments "$ensible Home"

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A. Cantrell - reader of the Dallas (TX) Morning News

"We take the weekend Dallas paper and yours is the first article we look for."

S. Hammond - reader of the Springfield (MO) News-Leader

"I always read your column first in the Sunday News Leader."

V. Anderson - reader of the Twin Falls (ID) Times-News

"I look forward to our Wednesday newspaper just to read your articles and I usually clip and save them."

S. Harvey - reader of the Waterbury (CT) Republican-American

"Keep up the informative articles!!"

D. Noetzel - reader of the Tampa (FL) Tribune

"The article you wrote was very informative and interesting - Good job."

G. Burns - reader of the Newport News (VA) Daily Press

"I am an avid reader of your column. Your advice and general information is used quite often."

W. Hicks - reader of the Rochester (NY) Democrat & Chronicle

"I enjoy the different information that you write in your column and find much of it helpful with many different projects."

D. Clingensimth - reader of the Melbourne (FL) Florida Today

"I look forward to reading your column on Saturdays. I find each article to be very interesting and informative."

F. Anolino - reader of the Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise

"Thanks for your great articles. I really appreciate them."

C. Walck - reader of the Niagara Falls (NY) Gazette

"I have enjoyed your column very much. I clip most the columns and often make copies for friends and family who are do-it-yourselfers."

E. Manion - reader of the Phoenix (AZ) Republic

"Thank you for your assistance. I enjoy reading your column."

C. Smith - reader of the Greenfield (MA) Recorder

"Your help solves many problems and answers many questions for homeowners."

E. Poisson - reader of the Detroit (MI) Free Press

"Keep up the good work in your columns. I've learned a lot from your articles."

S. Warsinske - reader of the Bellevue (WA) Journal American

"We enjoy reading your column and find the information quite useful."

S. Butorac - reader of the Los Angeles (CA) Times

"This is the second time I have sent for your Update Bulletins. They are an excellent source for information. You have done work that I don't have the time or expertise to do myself."

D. Bach - reader of the Charlotte (NC) Observer

"I really enjoy your articles. They are the first thing that I read on Saturday morning."

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