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Recent Editors' comments

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Detroit (MI) Free Press - Marty Claus, Managing Editor

"... your column draws hundreds of letters and requests each week ..." "... you were right, I believe, I believe!"

St. Petersburg (FL) Times - Nancy Waclawek, News/Features Editor

"Readers love your column. We get letters by the boxful (150 per month)."

Hartford (CT) Courant - Stephanie Summers, Features Editor

"The response to your column easily surpasses Ann Landers and all our other columnists."

St. Louis (MO) Post-Dispatch - Larry Fiquette, Dollars and Sense Editor

"Readers are responding in droves to your column."

Denver (CO) Rocky Mountain News - Suzanne Brown, Home Editor

"We have been getting outstanding response to your column - more than 300 letters per month. This is the second paper where I carried your column and it was equally popular ..."

Chicago (IL) Sun-Times - Don DeBat, Home Editor

"We are very impressed with the amount of mail you receive. WOW!!"

Columbia (SC) The State - Eric Pearson, Business Editor

"... reader response to your column is unlike any I'm aware of in the past."

Sacramento (CA) Bee - Mike Mattis, California Life Editor

"... the reader response has been overwhelming, averaging more than 130 letters per column. The service has been accurate and on time."

Raleigh (NC) News & Observer - Sharon Overton, Home Editor

"... the response has surpassed our expectations. ... one of the most popular columns we run in the paper."

Topeka (KS) Capital-Journal - Peter Stauffer, Executive Editor

"You were right that your column will draw more mail than any other feature in our paper."

Springfield (MO) News-Leader - Bill Tatum, Features Editor

"... I have not seen another column perform as well."

Memphis (TN) Commercial Appeal - Bob Heatherington, Business Editor

"... the response to your column has exceeded my expectations."

Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch - Ed Newland, Homeguide Editor

"We have been more than pleased with the response to your column. In fact, it is overwhelming."

Buffalo (NY) News - Foster Spencer, Managing Editor

"In fact, your feature draws more mail than any other feature we have ever had in the 25 years I have been here.."

Indianapolis (IN) Star - Lawrence Connor, Managing Editor

"... I do not know of any standard feature we run that draws as well."

Scranton (PA) Times - Ed Rogers, Managing Editor

"The response to your column outdistances any other feature we use."

Tulsa (OK) World - Joe Worley, Executive Editor

"Your column consistently outperforms all other columns we have."

Evansville (IN) Courier - Tom Tuley, President

"Dulley column usually does get more mail than all our other columnist combined."

Decatur (AL) Daily - Tom Wright, Executive Editor

"I continue to be pleased with the volume of responses. I wish all columns had this universal appeal."

Billings Gazette - Richard Wesnick, Editor

"It generates more letters from readers than any other column we carry."

Quincy Patriot Ledger - John Lehman, Assit. Managing Editor

"Your column quickly established itself as our most popular syndicated feature."

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